PININFARINA 90+1 DESIGN CONTEST NEW DREAMS FOR A NEW WORLD Call for entries. Registrations are open!


In 2020 Pininfarina turns 90. It’s such an important anniversary for our Company! 
But rather than looking backward at the past, Pininfarina is here to design another 90 years of the glorious future.
How do we look at the future?

Through the lens of Design.

Design has the ability to innovate continuously while enhancing the lives of people, and provide a response to a new future. Pininfarina has been doing exactly this for 9 decades and will continue to make it our mission. We would like to celebrate our anniversary with a unique initiative that will involve a community of creative young people. An international contest open to students attending a selected range of design and architecture schools and universities around the world in line with the global presence of Pininfarina.


It is clear to all that we can no longer follow the traditional techniques of considering design issues. Post-Covid19, in the new normal, design must approach the world in a new way. Successful design has always touched human emotion and ignited dreams.

Now, for the first time, design also needs to be used to awaken feelings of “support” and “protection”. We have to conceive environments where users can enjoy their own safe private space without feeling isolated from the human connections that they naturally crave. The greatest change of the future is that design can no longer just stimulate people’s feelings but must respond to their feelings and adjust the design of whole environments based on how people are feeling at any given moment.

That is why we invite you to “reset”: stop and re-think. In a nutshell, find a new way of considering design in the future.

When we dream of a better world to live in, we think of a world that is more aesthetically beautiful and friendlier, but also – and above all – safer, more functional, simpler, more relevant and personalised, in which all our experiences are unique, smooth and fulfilling. In a word, smarter.

“Smart” is now a marketing buzzword. If a product, a service or a place is “smart,” the implication is that it will make life better for the user than its counterpart will.

Means of transportation, objects and spaces, like retail and work spaces, are about to become alive and interactive, capable of detecting, identifying and reacting to user presence, delivering contextual and personalised content and services on smartphones and other connected devices. In this hyperconnected scenario, user centrality is more important than ever: being able to follow and support people everywhere continuously and consistently will be a crucial success factor for the next generation of design solutions.

We would love you to join our Anniversary Contest, reimagining tomorrow’s experiences thus giving your contribution to designing a new world. What are the smarter ways for moving and living? What will your answer be?


You would be asked to share your innovative point of view within one of these topics:


From digitalization to materialization. The design should encompass a temporary outdoor pavilion to be completely built off-site through rapid prototyping, digital fabrication and/or robotic technologies.

Smart Individual

A new way to move that is easier, more efficient, cost-effective, environmentally-friendly, safe and comfortable for the individual. Re-conceptualize the car for individual transport!

Smart Social

A new way to move together. 
Create new forms of collective mobility that promote the concept of sharing, connectivity and a sustainable, inclusive lifestyle.


The winner of each category, selected from a list of finalists, will be awarded a 6-month Internship at Pininfarina’s design studios in TorinoMiami and Shanghai, depending on the type of project.

The Contest also includes:

Special Chairman Award for the work that has reserved a special attention to the Pininfarina values

DesignWanted Special Award to the project featuring the best architectural vision, which will be awarded with the publication on the international architecture magazine


Entries are voted by a grand jury panel composed of talents whose names belong to the world of design and architecture.

Paolo Pininfarina
Honorary Judge (Chairman’s Award)

Chairman of Pininfarina since 2008. For 30 years he was President and CEO of Pininfarina Extra, a Group company specialized in industrial, architectural, nautical, aeronautical and furnishing design. More than 600 projects have been developed under his leadership. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Turin Polytechnic. He is President of the network Exclusive Brands Torino and Vice President of the Italian Historic Automotoclub (ASI). On June 2020 he was appointed “Ambassador of the territory excellence” by the City of Turin.

Kevin Rice
Jury Chair

As Chief Creative Officer of Pininfarina SpA, Kevin is the creative and strategic guide at Group level on all aspects of Design (Mobility, Industrial & Experience Design, Architecture) with direct responsibility for the Mobility Design Business Unit. Graduated from Coventry University, UK, Kevin has been working as an Automotive Designer since 1986. His creative journey has taken him to Japan, Italy, Germany and his native England, working with brands such as Mazda, BMW, Chery International.

Anne Asensio
Vice-President Design Experience Dassault Systèmes

Anne Asensio is a designer. She held executive roles in design management and innovation strategy at Renault, General Motors, and now Dassault Systèmes. There she founded the Design Studio, gathering a multidisciplinary team in innovation strategy by design (Design Experience), design research, design management and consultancy. Anne Asensio has won several design and innovation awards and plays an active role in strategic boards for companies and design schools throughout the world.

Silvia Baruffaldi
Editor Auto&Design

Automotive journalist, she graduated in Foreign Languages and Literatures at the University of Turin, the city where she was born and lives in. She is Editor of Auto&Design, bimonthly magazine published in Italian and English, with worldwide distribution. She is also contributing writer of the Italian financial daily newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore for the motoring column and is a Jury Member of the Car of The Year (Europe).

Gilda Bojardi

Lawyer, since 1994 she has been the chief editor of the magazine Interni, published by Gruppo Mondadori, and of all the publications of the INTERNI system. In 1990 she invented the FuoriSalone, the Design Week that enlivens the city of Milan each year in April, with over 500 events. As a curator, she creates and organizes cultural events and exhibitions in various countries. Honors received include: Officier des Arts et des Lettres (2005); the Ambrogino d’Oro of the City of Milan, for the creation of the FuoriSalone (2007); the ITA Italian Talent Award (2014); the Medalla Anáhuac en Diseño (2019). She has been the Italian Ambassador of Design for Italian Design Day in March 2017 in Mexico City, and in March 2018 and 2019 in Madrid. In September 2020 she received the Compasso d’Oro ADI award for the career, and the Chi è Chi Awards – The Movie for the career.

Patrick Abbattista
Founder DesignWanted

He is a marketer in love with Design. With a multifaceted experience in digital marketing for creative businesses and a vision for helping designers realize their creative and commercial potential, Patrick launched DesignWanted, a leading online design resource based in Milan, in 2015. Under his guidance, DesignWanted provides creative entrepreneurs and companies with an integrated eco-system of marketing tools and practical business contents to help them reach the relevant audience, to see and to be seen by those who matter. His mission is celebrating Design as a way of thinking, of approaching business, societies and the environment. Patrick is regularly invited as a speaker by events and institutions. He is also teaches Digital Marketing and Business Development with a focus on the design industry.

Andrés Sanchez-Lozano
Co-Founder and CEO Excem Real Estate

30 years of experience in the management and commercialization of real estate assets in the development, building, and exploitation phases. Founder of Excem Hospitality. 3bn in direct investments. 7bn in real estate business in Spain and other parts of Europe. He is also speaker and coach. Excem Real Estate, the real estate investment group he co-founded, is developing in Costa del Sol, Spain, a new luxury condo designed by the architecture team of Pininfarina, Liora Estepona by Pininfarina.


All entries must be uploaded to the appropriate section above strictly by 23:59 CET on 31 March 2021.
Any entries received after this date will not be considered.